Glitz. Sparkle. Shine.

A highly reflective metallic finish is now being offered on our nonwoven tote bag line. Add some sparkle and glitz and choose from either our solid finishes or patterns each offered in two stock sizes. These metallic glossy finish nonwovens are eye catching and ideal for special events, grand openings and conventions. They are strong resilient and reusable. Add a logo to these tote bags and you will catch everybody’s attention. 16x6x13 is available in metallic patterned colors: black, silver and gold.

  • *NEW* Now offering printing in side gussets.
  • Bags made from non-woven polypropylene plus a metallic lamination.
  • Smoother texture than conventional non-woven bags.
  • Lamination provides additional structure and strength.
  • Eye catching colors and finish attract more attention to your logo.
  • Includes poly board insert made from recycled plastic to provide extra strength for carrying heavier items.