destination weddingSo you’re planning a destination wedding? Great!

You’re probably already overwhelmed with the amount of details that are required during the planning process, from airport transportation to hotel accommodations to passports (oh no, you didn’t forget passports, did you?)

About a quarter of all weddings are considered “destination” weddings and the average event has about 84 guests. Extra-generous brides are more and more giving their guests custom wedding tote bags full of fun gifts and goodies as a thank you for traveling to the event. Are you? If you’re planning on giving away gift bags to your out-of-town guests, here are a few things to include:

Local Snacks
This is one of the easiest gifts to find, particularly if you get pre-packaged snacks. Getting married in New Orleans? How about a bag of Zapp’s Potato Chips? Saying I do in Atlantic City? Hand-wrapped saltwater taffy is a great snack item.

Custom Drinks
Whether you want to go the alcoholic route with a mini bottle of wine or just want to provide some welcome bottles of water, spring for drinks that have custom-printed labels baring your wedding logo or at least your wedding colors. It’s all in the details.

sunglassesLocale Necessities
Every location has a “necessity” but sometimes you have to think outside the box. New York brides could include a pre-loaded subway cards; Bahamian couples could include a small bottle of sunscreen.

A Map
It may seem obvious but including a large-printed, well-laid out map is always a good idea. For an extra touch, mark the locations the guests should know (like the ceremony and reception for starters) on the maps themselves.

Hangover Kit
Young couples love to include cutesy “hangover kits” in their guest bags for friends who have a little too much fun on the big day. Consider items like aspirin, a sleep mask, and a sports drink.

beach toteReusable Bag
If you’re going to go to all this trouble, why not make the gift bag reusable? The best way to ensure your guests use the bags again is to avoid anything too wedding-specific and instead print them with something festive and wedding-colored but otherwise neutral.


What else should you include? Don’t forget an itinerary of the weekend’s big events and a thank you note for all the guests who traveled so far. No one doesn’t like a little thanks!

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