It’s no longer a question whether or not promotional giveaways work: they do.

presentStatistics show that up to 79% of giveaway recipients can still recall the brand of the giver up to 12-months later, and 30% were carrying the item on their person at the time of the survey! Over 55% of people say they kept their promotional product for one year or more.

So, which promotional products provide the most bang for their buck? Some are better than others in terms of longevity and ROI. We’ve rounded up which promotional giveaways your customers will actually keep.

That is, as long as it’s attractive and not too heavily branded. No one wants to wear an ugly hat with a giant logo scrawled across the front! Statistics say the best giveaway apparel items are t-shirts (inexpensive), sweatshirts (long use), and flip flops.

Drinking Cups
People can’t get enough cups, from mugs to thermal cooling glasses. Prices on these kinds of items vary widely but since folks love keeping an extra glass or mug at the office they’re a great giveaway to provide on B2B calls.

custom tote giveawayCustom Bags
Promotional bags are kept longer than any other promotional products, an average of 18 months. Particularly if you’re willing to invest in a functional bag – a drawstring vinyl, a cotton tote, or a laptop bag – your potential clients are likely to recognize its value and keep your logo around for a long time.

USB Drives
USBs are a cost-effective way to link your brand name to technology, and no one cares if they’re promotional. These items are supremely useful, don’t take up a lot of space, and last a long time in your warehouse.

Scheduling Aids
People love things that help them schedule. Calendars, computer-monitor calendar stickies, and planners are all great giveaways because they stick around for at least the calendar year. And they can be found really inexpensively, too.

Health and Comfort
Health is trendy right now so giving your customers something they can use to stay on track is a good idea. A new gym bag, a pedometer, or even a body fat caliper will be kept around because no one wants to spend their own money on items like these.

paperweightWhat doesn’t work as well? Some items, while cute, aren’t kept around long because they lack functionality. Don’t waste your money on promotional products that will be thrown away before the month is out.

  • Keychains
  • Stress balls
  • Pens
  • Paperweight
  • Hand sanitizer


Like anything, your marketing dollars are best spent on high quality promotional products. The cheaper you go, the less likely your giveaways are to stand the test of time, and they longer they’re around the more bang you’re getting for your buck!