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Gemstones Tissue

//Gemstones Tissue

Gemstones Tissue

Precious and Tiny Stones that Refract the Light.

Sparkling holographic effect which adds a dazzling spectacular finish to any packaging arrangement. Gemstones sparkle and glisten within the fibers of these tissue sheets. This tissue is truly eye catching.

Gemstones tissue is normally available in 20″x30″ sheets.
Tissue can also be cut for a small additional charge. Please inquire.

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Gemstone Tissue

Amethyst Tissue Paper

Amethyst AME

Aquamarine Tissue Paper

Aquamarine AQU

Blue Topaz Tissue Paper

Blue Topaz BLT

Blue Sapphire Tissue Paper

Blue Sapphire BSA

Citrine Tissue Paper

Citrine CIT

White Diamond Tissue Paper

White Diamond DMD

Diamond Snowflake Tissue Paper

Diamond Snowflake DMS

Emerald Tissue Paper

Emerald EMD

Frosty's Face Tissue Paper

Frosty’s Face on White Diamond FFD

Gold Dust Tissue Paper

Gold Dust GDU

Gold Pearl Tree Tissue Paper

Gold Pearl Tree GPT

Granite Tissue Paper

Granite GRA

Ho Ho Ho Tissue Paper

Ho Ho Ho HOO

Just Snowflakes Tissue Paper

Just Snowflakes JSN

Medallions Tissue Paper

Medallions MED

Noel Tissue Paper

Noel NOE

Northern Lights Tissue Paper

Northern Lights NTL

Onyx Tissue Paper

Onyx NYX

Peridot Tissue Paper

Peridot PRT

Ruby Tissue Paper

Ruby RBY

Sapphire Tissue Paper

Sapphire SAP


Gemstones Tissue (100% recyclable)

Size Packaging Sheet/Ream Pkg/Cs 1-3
5GEM2030*** 20X30 1
200 4 $52.50 $44.30 $41.10

*** Insert color code:

• 1 Pkg=1 package wrapped in poly bag


Let Us Help You Choose the Perfect Bag - Call Bag Ladies 800-359-BAGS (2247)


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