The Most Ideal Way to Send Us Art:

  • Send art created in Adobe Illustrator saved as an EPS file.
  • Graphics should be vector art, no placed or embedded images.
  • Convert all fonts to outlines.
  • Screens are course at 50 line screen, allow for a 25% dot gain.
  • If there is tight registration between colors, please allow for a 1/16″ trap between colors due to any bag slippage when printed.
  • Artwork should be designed for PMS spot printing, not CMYK files, unless it is a process print. The PMS callout colors should be specified. We have stock ink colors from which to choose. Custom PMS ink matches are available at an additional charge.
  • We would prefer art at 100% imprint size for best quality.
  • Art files should be saved at 600 dots per inch for finest reproduction.
  • We will proof either by a pdf document or actual pasteup on bag if requested. We can also proof by fax if necessary.

Any questions, please call us at: 1-800-359-BAGS or email us with any questions at:

We respect your privacy at The Bag Ladies. Your email address will never be sold.