One of the most challenging things about running a business can be getting your name out there. By following these economical ways to promote your business, like using promotional bags, you could be well on your way to bringing in more customers.

  1. Print Media

With access to several computer programs and places to print, you could make your own print media for your place of business. However, if you feel that you are not computer savvy, you could hire a freelance worker or even a small business to handle your marketing. Mailers, flyers, business cards and coupons are a great way to get your name out into the public in your local area. By spreading your store’s name, it is possible that you could bring in more customers.

  1. Create a Hashtag

Most social media services are free and are used by an enormous portion of the population. By creating a social media account for your store, you are opening your business up to a larger audience. You could further enhance this potential by creating and promoting a hashtag. It is possible that customers will catch on and use the hashtag when they post about shopping at your store. This could cause your store’s page in increase in popularity, thus possibly bringing in more customers.

  1. Give Back

It has been proven that most people are more inclined to purchase something if part of the proceeds go towards a cause or a charity. One way you could economically promote your business is to set aside a small portion of proceeds in order to go towards a local event or charity. If you are involved in the community, it is possible that word about your store would spread and more people would come shop at your place of business.

  1. Have a Contest

Depending on what kind of business you run, you could hold a contest promoting your store. One way you could incorporate your other business promotions into the contest could be to run it on your social media site. Maybe you could post a picture of one of your promotional, printed bags and state that there is a secret prize in the bag. Most people love free stuff, so by holding this kind of contest, you could be drawing in a large audience, who are now aware of your business.

  1. Use Promotional Bags

One of the best, most economical ways you can promote your business is to use promotional bags. By having bags made for your company, you are able to put your brand on totes that will be carried out into the public. When these printed bags make their way down the street, potential customers will notice your business’ name and possibly be encouraged to shop at your store — it is almost like free advertising.

If these five, economical ways to promote your store have inspired you, please visit our website to learn more about how promotional bags can help you boost business.