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Frosted Plastic Bags

/Frosted Plastic Bags

Frosted Plastic Bags

As an alternative to paper, we offer tough strong recyclable frosted plastic bags that are reusable and resilient. These shopping bags are low cost and are available in a wide variety of handle styles. These styles include: frosted eurototes with rope handles, trifold handle, loop handle, and die cut handles. Low cost and space saving, this style is a perfect bag for any retail store, special event, convention, trade show, product launch, party or celebration.

Frosted Bag Advantages include:

  • Heavy duty material that is durable and reusable.
  • Can hold a lot of weight.
  • Tough and resilient.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Low cost. Attractive and appealing.
  • Low minimums and fast lead times.
  • Recyclable.
  • Add a logo for maximum advertising value and visibility.
  • Be Creative. Stand Apart. Show the World What You've Got!

    • Clear Frosted Eurototes are available in three sizes and are very durable and strong.
    • Made from heavy duty .004 mil plastic.
    • Plastic reinforced turntops and cardboard reinforced bottom inserts.
    • White matching soft cord macrame handles.
    • These frosted eurototes are the "Top of the Line" in frosted bags.
    • This style bag is very popular due to its visual appeal in adding a touch of sophistication to any personalized logo or message.
    • Also available plain.
  • Propel Your Business. The Sky's the Limit.

    • Soft loop style bag with a handle that is easy to hold, soft, and flexible.
    • These bags are very strong made of .003 mil plastic.
    • Choose from 5 sizes  which all come with cardboard bottoms.
    • We offering one size, 14x10x13x10, that is perfect for very wide items (take-out cartons, bowls, etc.) with 10" wide side and bottom gussets.
    • These bags are durable, reusable, and economical.
    • By adding a logo, you can really get maximum advertising exposure.
    • 100% recyclable and reusable.
  • 3FTF1718CLR 3FTF1013CLR

    Got Bags?

    • Tough strong and resilient.
    • Perfect in all weather.
    • Tri-fold handle bags have strong flexible handles and bottom cardboard reinforcements.
    • Made of heavy 3.5 mil plastic.
    • These bags carry away most products easily and can be saved and reused.
    • Wide selection of sizes.
    • These bags also dress up well with tissue paper and ribbon and are very economical.
    • Add a personalized logo for maximum advertising impact.
    • These bags will be reused and keep on marketing your message time and time again.
    • 100% recyclable.
  • Stylish. Shiny. Sophisticated. Colorful.

    • These soft loop handle bags are part of our "Go Green" program.
    • Eco Friendly bag safe for the environment.
    • Red bags are made from 80% recycled content; all the other colors are made from 25% Post Consumer Recycled Content.
    • Reusable, inexpensive and strong.
    • Choose from clear frosted or 4 jazzy fun and bright colors in 3 sizes.
    • The handles are soft and flexible and easy to hold.
    • Available plain or custom imprinted with your company name or message.
    • 100% recyclable.
  • 3FSW1211BLU 3FSW1211BLU

    Practical. Eco Friendly. Economical.

    • Part of our "Go Green" program, these bags are made from 25% Post Consumer recycled  content.
    • They are very economical and are available in three sizes.
    • The top of the bag forms a wave shape which helps to load products easily.
    • The handle is a rounded hole on the top part of the bag you slip your hand through.
    • These bags are tear resistant as well as being an eco -friendly bag choice.
    • Available in clear film as well as four exciting and vivid colors.
    • 100% recyclable.
    • Made of High-Density Polypropylene film
    • Easy to carry die cut handles
    • 3.0 mil thick plastic material
    • Choose from 6 colors and 2 popular sizes
    • 3-4” expandable bottom gusset made to carry multiple items with ease
    • Perfect bag for literature. Holds most products used at job fairs, trade shows, events, retail stores, bookshops etc.
    • Add a custom imprint for maximum advertising value.
  • A Bag For All Seasons.

    • The SOS style Frosted Die-Cut Handles bags are available with cardboard bottoms and side gussets to hold multiple items.
    • We have 4 sizes available in clear frosted heavy duty film.
    • Perfect in any weather.
    • Durable resilient and strong.
    • These bags dress up nicely with a custom imprint and tissue paper.
    • Available with a custom logo for maximum advertising impact or available plain.
  • 3FDM0912CLR 3FDM1421CLR

    Increase Your Profits. Market Your Logo On A Bag.

    • These bags are available in 3 sizes in clear frosted film.
    • Made from a thick resilient 2.5 mil plastic.
    • They have a sturdy and comfortable die-cut handle to carry products with comfort and ease.
    • Available plain or custom imprinted with your logo or message.
    • 100% recyclable.
  • Designed To Carry A Wide Load

    • 2.25 High density material
    • 10.25"w x 10"d x 14" h
    • Only one color per location is possible
    • Bottom cardboard included
    • Wide gusset perfect for larger items