Plastic bag bans are sweeping the country.

blue tote bagFrom California to Connecticut and everywhere in between, governments are banning the use of disposable plastic bags over concern for the environment. Whether you live in an area where one-time use bags are banned or just in a city where you get literally nickel and dimed for each bag, you need to reform your thinking on these staples of the American economy.

If you’re a consumer, you need to start carrying reusable tote bags with you wherever you go. The easiest way to remember is to stick a few in your trunk so you’ve got them when you pull up to the store! By making more trips to the store and purchasing smaller quantities of goods you may be able to cut out your need for bags altogether. If all else fails, just pay the bag tax when you need to and count your money as going towards a worthy cause.

If you’re a business owner, a plastic bag ban can be trickier. What are your options when you can no longer bag your items in convenient, affordable plastic? Here are some suggestions.

paper bag– Invest in eco-friendly paper bags instead. The good news is, paper bags aren’t much more expensive than plastic and they’re definitively better for the environment. You can customize paper bags with your logo, your brand’s colors, or any other marketing promotion and they fold very flat for easy storage.

– Encourage your customers to bring reusable tote bags. One way to do this is to invest in eco-friendly totes then give them out to consumers who spend a certain amount…not only will you solve your plastic bag problem, you’ll be buying yourself a great branding opportunity through the use of a great promotional giveaway.

– If you’re insistent on continuing to use plastic bags – maybe because you serve food or maybe because you have a surplus – just pay the bag fee for your customers if you’re given the option. You’ll take a tiny hit on each purchase but you’ll be providing a much-needed convenience to your loyal customer base.

– Depending on what you’re selling, try to avoid using disposable bags on smaller purchases. If it’s small enough for your customers to carry, get them to! Offer to help them to their car with their goods or even deliver if you’ve got the means…you’ll cut down on waste and build your service base.

bag ladies

See! You’ve got options!

A bag ban doesn’t have to drastically change your business but it can present opportunities for marketing you never imagined possible. Need a green bag solution for your business? Call The Bag Ladies today to get started with a new, eco-friendly order.